Monday, July 27, 2015

Te Uru's Curiosity Corner: Sarah Walker-Holt

Sarah Walker-Holt's interactive piece, Kitset, will be at Te Uru in Titirangi from
1 - 28 August and supported by a short piece of writing by Deborah Crowe...................

Kitset, Interactive, 2014

Friday, July 17, 2015


Sarah Walker-Holt currently as work in Finger's exhibition 'Wundermeke'.

Sarah Walker-Holt: Broch 2015
Opening from 5pm on Friday 17th of July

For this show Fingers has invited each of it's artists to submit up to three pieces which complement their work showing at the Auckland Art Gallery in the 'Wunderruma' travelling exhibition of New Zealand Jewellery curated by Warwick Freeman and Karl Fritch

Fingers Jewellery
2 Kitchener St
Auckland Central
ph 09 373 3974

Caroline Griffin & Sarah Walker-Holt: Wunderruma

Wunderruma is now at Auckland Art Gallery after being in Munich and The Dowse Lower Hutt in 2014...............It is a large exhibition curated by Warwick Freeman and Karl Fritsch and well worth a look.

Auckland Art Gallery

Caroline Griffin & Sarah Walker-Holt: R.A.W Reactions after Wunderrruma

Caroline Griffin, Pendants, 2015
Caroline Griffin:The process of marking out sheet metal includes painting the metal white and tracing the pattern on using carbon paper before cutting. I've always liked this process as it reminds me of blueprint plans. These simple interim processes are interesting by offering potential but complete in their own right. The pendants are a continuation of this and examine cut gemstones.
Sarah Walker-Holt: Pin-a-phore, Brooch 2015
Sarah Walker-Holt: Each brooch from the Pin-a-phore series is the presentation of an object that it does not literally denote, suggesting a disparate comparison between its new form and former function. By using one object to represent another, whose relationship is completely incomparable, they become apparatus that communicate silent, non-verbal signs of alteration.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Handshake2 - Stanley Street Gallery, Sydney

As a participant of the Handshake2: Prentice and Prodigy project, Sarah Walker-Holt is mentored by jeweler Helen Britten.  Please join Handshake 2 for their second exhibition that is being held by Sydney's Stanley Street Gallery in conjunction with
JMGA_NSW's 'edges boarders gaps' Conference