Saturday, December 20, 2014

Toni Mosley, Lucy Pierpoint and Sarah Walker-Holt Children and Adult Art classes 2015

This Nathan Homestead term 1 2015 link takes you to all the info you need for Toni's Print workshops for Term 1 2015 as well as the kids classes taken there by Lucy and Toni .............

Creating Art - Lucy Pierpoint

Toni, Lucy and Sarah also take Children's Art classes at Te Tuhi Art Gallery in Pakaranga........
te tuhi term 1 2015
Drawing with plastic - Brittney
  (Considering Composition/Sarah Walker-Holt - Te tuhi)
Considering composition- te tuhi tutor Sarah Walker-Holt 

NEW to 2015, Sarah will be taking a Mixed media Adult Class at te tuhi on a Thursday evening- this will be a great class where Sarah intends to integrate small workshops and illustrate mediums and techniques to consider as mixed media variations.........

Lucy Pierpoint and Caroline Griffin - Artbase

Lucy and Caroline have work in Artbase's Christmas show.

Caroline Griffin, Enamel Silver Rings
Image: Artbase

Elle Anderson - Whitecliffe MFA Graduating Exhibition

Congratulations Elle on finishing your Masters. 
Good luck from Left-field 

Monday, October 27, 2014

IMPressive V - Wansolwara: Print here and now

28 Oct - 30 Nov 2014
Opening 28 October 
6 - 7.30pm
Nathan Homestead

Congratulations to Elle Anderson who has been selected for Nathan Homesteads IMPressive V, a print show that is also part of the Southside Arts Festival - Urbanesia .  Curated by Steve Lovett and Cerisse Palalagi.

Curators/artist talk: Saturday 29 November, 1pm

A Florilegium: the gathering of weeds
 A series of screenprints on glass

70 Hill Rd
09 2670180
Open Mon-Fri 9-5pm
Weekends 1-4pm

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Introducing: Jo Raill

Jo's Kiln Room

Our most recent Left-Field member, Jo-Anne Raill, is a ceramic artist with multiple awards to her name as well as selective exhibitions including the renowned Portage Awards. Practicing for over 20 years Jo was represented by Sanderson Gallery in Newmarket where she is known for her quirky tiered cake plates. This is a great place to start looking at Jo’s work but recently I was lucky enough to visit her home studio where I experienced a fantastic introduction to her new work, practice and philosophies.  

I arrive at Jo’s to find her sitting in her glasshouse like studio situated at the end of her mother’s house looking out over the valley. Her kiln is conveniently positioned in a charming cavity under her own adjacent home. Jo refers to her house as being like a student flat and happily points out her miniature tile collection that she is instinctively adding to in her kitchen.

Jo’s dedication to her practice is apparent by the abundance of work in and around her studio.  She tells me that some nights it’s just a quick toasted sandwich for tea as she struggles to pull herself away when her husband, Micheal comes home from work. The amount of creativity shared in the Raill household becomes obvious as Jo unveils her son’s fabulously large paintings. She tells me about her brother photographing her work and her desire to someday collaborate with her poet daughter and fore mentioned son, who is just finishing an arts degree at Unitech. I instantly see a relationship between Jo’s objects and her son’s work and she expresses bewilderment as to how this has come about. Family is obviously important to Jo and she doesn’t work in the studio over the weekends, stating that this is family time; when all her children come home.

Jo with Fergus and Keiko

Set in 5 acres of lushness at the beginning of the Hunua Gorge, Jo expresses how unfortunately a busy life style had left her garden neglected but now she is finally enjoying planting out raspberries, olive and almond trees, relocating her vegetable patches and bringing an existing orchard back to its former glory. This is all in an effort to grow all their own food and give food to others. Through reinstating her horticulture background and creating this edible forest, Jo is balancing her inside studio life with her ‘greenie’ nature. Having been on the property since their early 20’s, Jo and Micheal relish its position in the country while still having the convenience of being within easy reach of the city. Although Jo started out life as a horticulturalist, she acknowledges that creativity has had a stronghold on her life and is elated that the two are finally merging.

Jo’s artistic path started about 20 years ago with painting but as she found herself ‘just sticking things on the canvas’ while simultaneously becoming annoyed with the illusion of paint, she decided to create objects. She was then introduced to ceramics while at Teachers Training College and it set in as a hobby for the next 10 years while raising her children and teaching in a Manurewa Primary School. She then went on to do a four year, part time, Diploma in Ceramics, where clay started to take over her life. Jo later went on to be a manager at Auckland Studio Potters (ASP) before going on to teach at Unitech. Jo acknowledges that while lecturing at Unitech as a ceramics (studio practice) tutor, she learnt a lot about herself through ‘osmosis: by doing it’. She then later took over supervising the diploma course at ASP while teaching night classes at Selwyn College.

‘Library of Neglected and Unfinished Things’

The merging of Jo’s creativity and green fingers has brought about a wee garden of ceramics outside her studio that she calls her ‘Library of Neglected and Unfinished Things’, while inside, she is starting a new series of ‘wall works’ based on a domestic kitchen scene. Her last wall work series, the Architect, consists of about ten pieces and was inspired from a previous work, ironically now situated in the ‘Library of Neglected and Unfinished Things’. Here she explains how she was interested in making a ceramic painting with different corners and secret areas and although she felt it failed technically and that it wasn’t communicating her idea, she enjoyed the ‘see through’ layering. Obviously, paint hasn’t completely slipped from Jo’s practice as her glazes are skilfully applied and her objects, when clustered, are extremely reminiscent of the surrealist painters, especially Miro. Jo articulates, “I always wanted to paint on work, I don’t even like making mugs, I  just like it when you get a surface to paint on and then my work got ridiculously big, it just kept getting bigger and bigger coz I wanted to paint on things and then I thought why don’t I just get a canvas and then from there I thought why don’t you just take the subject matter out of the painting like the main characters and make them instead of trying to paint on work because it is a 3 dimensional thing and you, well there’s got to be a reason, why are you painting on them all the time, why don’t you make it? And that’s how I got to making wall works”. After being stuck between 2D and 3D Jo is really pleased with this outcome as it is a combination of the two. Jo explains “If you’re making a 3d object you’ve got to think all the way round it so with these I can think in a more painterly way”.

On the table Jo has some sketches that she drew when she woke recently throughout the night and observed the moon shining, making weird/strange shapes everywhere. They parallel with the abstract and fantastic looseness going on in her work and she explains how there is not a lot of abstract ceramics going on in NZ but there is internationally and feels New Zealand ceramics is still quite conservative. Jo sees people just buying ceramics for their home d├ęcor and believes that “whether you sell work or not doesn’t mean to say that what you’re making is not good, it’s probably the opposite. It’s probably really good work but people just don’t understand it”. Jo says  she appreciates being able to make for the sake of making and this in turn allows her to experiment, be individual and uninhibited by what other people want or expect. She say’s “It’s important to just be able to concentrate on what you really want to make”.

You can keep an eye out for Jo via Art Week, she has donated some mugs for ASP’s ‘the Great Mugging’. 

S Walker-Holt Sept 2014

Caroline Griffin: Finding Fault

Exhibition 3
26 September – 24 October 
Preview 25 September, 6 pm – 8 pm 

Caroline has some work along with 9 other artists at Artbase in September.

"Finding Fault is an ongoing series of rings where I surf the net googling images of ring findings. These images are mainly of cheap mass produced ring findings bought easily off the net and consist of the metal component without the stone, beads or such like. My process is to draw the image and then from my drawing make the ring."  

For this exhibition Caroline has cards showing the drawing process.

Finding Fault drawing cards

78 Coates Ave, Orakei. 
Tue – Fri 11 -5 
Sat 11 – 4

Friday, September 19, 2014


15 September - 1 October 2014
Northart Gallery
Norman King Square 
Ernie Mays Street
Northcote Shopping Centre
10am - 4pm, seven days 

In the frontroom of Northart amongst 48 works, Left-Fielders Elle Anderson and Toni Mosley are currently in an exchange exhibition between printmakers from Sydney and Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Elle Anderson; Slowly RUINing, Detail. Screen print, solar plate on paper. Image Elle Anderson

Elle Anderson; Slowly RUINing, Screen print, solar plate on paper. Image Elle Anderson

Exhibition will be in Sydney at Pine Street Creative Arts Gallery from 11-22 November.

Erika Walters: Jungle upscale

Erika has been busy breaking her back lately painting an extremely large backdrop in one of the larger buildings that Allister and Vanya have kindly let her use. She told me its been pretty hard on the knees and she needs to give herself good breaks. Erika has been at it every day for at least the last couple of weeks, and with the deadline looming they have been 9-10 hour days. Erika has done this purely out of the goodness of her heart and with a little help from photographer daughter Emma and her husband Quentin. Erika tells me the back drop is for the Mission Heights School's 'Fathers Son Evening' and will be put to good use for other events.................................

Erika with her jungle theme backdrop 2014
What an awesome donation of time and effort. Erika said she has enjoyed the challenge.


New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts
1 Queens Wharf,
Open daily 10-5

6 Sept – 1 Oct 2014

If you’re in Wellington, Left-Field’s Elle Anderson is among the artists in this current exhibition that explores themes associated with nature, atmospheric, organic, botanical, birds, animals, gardens and flowers, the coast, the land, figurative and abstraction. 

Image; Elle Anderson 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Overview: Studio visit with Sarah Walker-Holt

Recently Sarah was visited by The jewellers Guild of Greater Sandringham's
Sharon Fitness and Raewyn Walsh for their online, contemporary jewellery, magazine 'Overview'.
Overview is a fantastic periodical that is made by contemporary jewellers, specially for contemporary jewellers and anyone else who is interested in this field of artistic practice. 'Overview' was started in 2011 and continues to be a growing advocate for New Zealand's jewellery presence both nationally and internationally by encouraging critical discussion and communication in the field. The hard work and dedication this collective have for this endeavor is admirable and well appreciated.  

Below is the extracted interview, but I encourage readers to check out full versions of 'Overview' through The Jewellers Guild of Greater Sandringham's website:
and follow them or become a member on Facebook 
or join their mailing list by emailing them at

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

old items turn treasures

Howick Pakaranga Times, 2 Sept 2014

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

'Out of the Shed'

Friday 5 September - 14 October 2014
Opening: Thursday 4 September 6:30pm
Uxbridge, Howick's Creative Centre
35 Uxbridge Road
L Pierpoint, Untitled, Brooch, 2014

S Walker-Holt Rule and Divide, Brooch, 2014

S Walker-Holt, Hierarchy, Necklace, 2014
Lucy Pierpoint and Sarah Walker-Holt are 2 left-fielders that are in Uxbridge's coming show 'Out of the Shed'
"This exhibition will boldly go where few women have set foot... the iconic Kiwi man-cave... the Shed! Featured artworks are inspired by ordinary and unusual objects and materials commonly stored as essentials or treasures by Kiwi men. Each artist reinvents and finds new uses for everyday things that lie lurking in sheds all over the country. The result: unique works of art." uxbridge
Featuring Artworks by: Mia Hamilton, Kim Logue, Alexander Bartleet, Nicola Wright, Andi Regan, Margaret Johnson, Sarah Walker-Holt, Jeff Thomson, Bev Goodwin, Susan Wells, Mary Paton, Bruce McLachlan, Lucy Pierpoint, Marion Rose, Nic Clegg, Tara Murphy and Glen Hutchinson.

Monday - Friday: 9am - 4pm
Saturday: 9.30am - 2pm
Closed Sundays and Public Holidays

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

erika wolters: the art sale 2014

5-6 September 2014
10am – 8pm
Claudelands Events Centre
Exhibition Hall A
Cnr Brooklyn Road & Heaphy Terrace

Erika Wolters has announced she will have some of her paintings in the upcoming Art Sale in Hamilton...............

Am I Beautiful Yet? 2012

"The event's cash and carry concept will appeal to a wide range of buyers, from those purchasing their first piece of art to seasoned collectors."

To learn more about Erika's practice check out the Left-Field interview 'Erika's Move' from November 2013.

Opening night preview on Thursday 4 September

6.30pm – 9.00pm

Monday, July 28, 2014

LAST DAYS to see Lucy Pierpoint's work at ARTBASE.ORG

Lucy Pierpont's jewellery works on the premise of Defying Obsolescence is at;
78 Coates Ave
Until August 7.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Caroline Griffin: New website

Be sure to check out Caroline Griffin's new website that gives a great overview of her work. Caroline has separated her work into the individual ideas she has been working with since 2009. Each idea has a collection of crisp images that are accompanied by a statement that supports her ideas, helping us understand what is behind the distinctive designs that are driving Griffin’s growing practice.

scallop finding, 2014, silver 925

Monday, July 14, 2014

Elle Anderson: Come to see my 3/4 of way through my masters in fine arts work..............

15th July between 4 - 7pm
St Georges Bay Rd Gallery

Plants are present in our every day lives. Some, like those defined within a garden, engage our consciousness. But many we are not aware of. They are simply there; forming and changing backgrounds and textures in the world around us.

Through the process of collecting these incidental plants photographing, printing and installing them, I have been exploring the notion of view point; our attitudes towards certain plant groups and how our perceptions of them change in space and over time. Questioning how we consider these plants (as a resource, as irksome, as beautiful) and how those perceptions are formed and changed. This has led me to create new images of plants that, though barely present, are plentiful and vigorous within their own environment.

Cirsium bansheeii

Rubus phantomii

For these works, plants were gathered from the roadside, just outside my house. This is the main road into Hunua and was established in mid 1800s.  Along this piece of road there was the blacksmith, a general store and post-office, distributing goods from the city into the country. Now the water pipe for Auckland runs alongside this road, distributing the country's bounty back to the city. But the plants are constant.
Some of these plants gathered will have arrived at the time of construction of this road, bought here, intentionally and unintentionally, by road workers and the first settlers.

Gatherings (ongoing) - #1-15

Glass, screenprint, shelf. 2014
Shifting Sight # 2
(from a series of 15)

Digital print on fine art paper. 2014
1 Cirsium spookii 
2 Cirsium bansheeii 
3 Cyperus dashii 
4 Daucus soulii 
5 Jacobeae faintii
6 Leucanthemum ghostii  
7 Ligustrum glimmerii 
8 Phytolacca hintii  
9 Plantago impressionii
10 Raphanus presenceii  
11 Rubus phantomii  
12 Solanum spiritii 
13 Sonchus whisperii 
14 Ulex traceii 
15 Verbena genieii
(note the plates are not displayed in the order listed above)

Elle Anderson
July 2014

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Toni Update.........

Finally a few images of some art- I promise I have made more then one piece! For printmakers the print is several plates printed one on top of each other.
The other image is where I work outside of the cellar, this one has windows!
I will post more art soon!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

update from Toni on her first week in Can Serrat....................


Well I was not good about posting anything from the printmaking conference but it was amazing and great to catch up with old and new friends!
These photos are from my printmaking workshop I put on for the other artists and residents here at Can Serrat in Spain. Every one made at least one print, and we all had a great day. Yes, the irony is I did not make it a week here without teaching : )

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Lucy Pierpoint: The Big Meltdown at Debrasic, Thames

Lucy is in a group show in Thames later this month.............

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Brace Yourself: Masterworks

While your checking out Lucy's work at Masterworks, Sarah also has a piece in their Brace Yourself exhibition...

Swan song: Lucy PierpointLucy at Masterworks

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mid Masters Project: Elle Anderson

Elle has her mid masters project on display, with 6 fellow students from her year, at the same time as Whitecliff's MFA Graduating Exhibition. The opening is this Saturday at 4 and goes till Sat 25th.