Saturday, December 20, 2014

Toni Mosley, Lucy Pierpoint and Sarah Walker-Holt Children and Adult Art classes 2015

This Nathan Homestead term 1 2015 link takes you to all the info you need for Toni's Print workshops for Term 1 2015 as well as the kids classes taken there by Lucy and Toni .............

Creating Art - Lucy Pierpoint

Toni, Lucy and Sarah also take Children's Art classes at Te Tuhi Art Gallery in Pakaranga........
te tuhi term 1 2015
Drawing with plastic - Brittney
  (Considering Composition/Sarah Walker-Holt - Te tuhi)
Considering composition- te tuhi tutor Sarah Walker-Holt 

NEW to 2015, Sarah will be taking a Mixed media Adult Class at te tuhi on a Thursday evening- this will be a great class where Sarah intends to integrate small workshops and illustrate mediums and techniques to consider as mixed media variations.........