Left-field is a collective of emerging artists, established in 2013, that materialized from an aspiration to expand on the relationships and initiatives established at art school. Creating a space that they could use communally, Left-field have positioned themselves in an old camping cabin that is set within Clevedon Nurseries, Clevedon, Auckland NZ.

Left-field's cabin provides sufficient space for the group to meet every month where they support one another through critiques, assisting individual creative processes, sharing learnt techniques,working towards exhibitions and teaching workshops. This initiative is a starting point that Left-field intends to expand and grow from both individually and collectively.

Each member can use the space however deemed necessary to develop their practice by utilizing it as a temporary studio or as a preliminary presentation space. Concurrently, artist Belinda Griffiths has a permanent working space in part of the cabin, where she works weekly. Belinda's permanence in the cabin helps to keep the space active and open. 

Left-field is currently considering taking on new members that will commit and contribute to the group and help expand our network. 

For expressions of interest please email:
Toni Mosley sea2mtnprint@gmail.com

S Walker-Holt
[Image: Belinda Griffiths]