lucy pierpoint

Growing up in East Africa, and a past career  in waste management  has ingrained in Lucy’s psyche a desire to make as much use of what is available rather than selecting new materials to work with. Although accepting the technological changes that ease our lifestyles, she mourns those that have gone before and are being lost. Since graduating from the Auckland University BVA programme at Manukau Institute of Technology she has been “Defying, or denying, Obsolescence” both within her own existence, and in her jewellery practise.
She selects materials that have become technologically redundant like typewriter ribbon, floppy discs, audio and video tape and celluloid film that she adapts and transforms to create new forms that belie their original purpose using traditional jewellery practises like casting and electroplating.
Playing A Yarborough Hand (2011) Television glass, cast silver alloys

Playing A Yarborough Hand (2011) Ring, Television glass, cast silver alloy

Untitled (2012) Brooch, Celluloid film, steel

Not So Floppy (2013) Necklace, Floppy discs, cord, silver electro plate

Defying Obsolesce (2013) Brooch, Floppy discs, silver electroplated, steel

Bobbles (2012) Necklace Audio tape, silver (photo – Sarah Walker-Holt) 

Untitled (2013) Sewing pattern, thread (photo – Sarah Walker-Holt)

Defying Obsolescence (2011) Necklace, Hessian coffee sack, brass electroplated (photo – Sarah Walker-Holt)

                                                       Curriculum Vitae
1989 BSc. Environmental Science, University of Southampton, UK
1993 MSc. Environmental Engineering, University of Portsmouth, UK
2007 Diploma of Visual Arts, University of Auckland, NZ
2010 Bachelor of Visual Arts, University of Auckland, NZ

2007      DVA Graduating Show, Opanuku Studio, Corbans Arts Centre
2008      Post Stitch, group show, Lopdell House
2009        "Token Effort" at Mura o te ahi/The heat of the fire, Te Tuhi Art Gallery
 Native Flora, group show, MIT/Newcastle University collaboration
              The NZ Jewellery Show, group show, Auckland            
2010      BVA Graduating show, MSVA
             Pop Culture in Contemporary Craft, group show, Masterworks
 Weeds, group show, MIT/Canberra Collaboration
2011     Best in Show 2011, Objectspace
Neckware 8, Masterworks
            A Yarborough Hand, Jewellery Box Graduate Award Exhibition, Masterworks
            Adorned, group show, Waiheke Arts Centre
            The NZ Jewellery Show, Wellington
            Objective Art Awards, Mangare Art Centre, Auckland
            Materially Concerned, Corbans Arts Centre, Auckland
2012     Ludditesque, The Curiosity Cabinet, Lopdell House, Auckland
            Objective Art Awards, Mangare Art Centre, Auckland
            Transit Collective - Square Art, group show, Newmarket
2013     Chain,group show, Brazil
An eclectic mix, group show, Left Field, Ardmore
Transit Collective – Guerilla Art, group show, Newmarket
2014     (February) Summers Jewels, group show, Waiheke Arts Centre
(March) Thinkspace project space, Masterworks
            (April) Meltdown, group show, Debrasic, Thames