Previous Members

Sarah Walker-Holt
Contemporary Jeweller/Visual Artist.
From questioning the value bestowed in the materiality of everyday wooden objects, Sarah alter’s them into something complex and decorative for the body. Deconstruction, construction and engineering shapes her approach. Simultaneously she has a fetish for mechanisms, questioning how she can make them work for her within jewellery and concurrently accessible to others.

For more information on Sarah please visit her blog; sarah walker-holt
Her blog is a running record of exhibitions she has participated in.
photo Sonja Gardien

Out Spacing [#4], Necklace, 2015. photo S Walker-Holt

photo S Walker-Holt

Elle Anderson 
Elle was with Left-field from it being established in 2013 through to 2015. Elle was an active member with lots to contribute. Unfortunately Elle had to leave the group at the end of her studies but still stays in touch. We were sorry to see her leave.   

Elle is currently a Masters in Fine arts student. Her passion is the environment, in particular the relationship between people and plants. To draw attention to the fragility of the natural undisturbed world, her work often focuses on the environmental impacts of man made structures. The importance of plants in our world, to our survival as a species, is a theme that recurs throughout her art practice.

Elle’s current work talks not only about the domestic relationship we have with plants, but also the fact we are losing knowledge of what we can eat naturally and how we are trying to preserve this knowledge.

The process she has been using is cyanotype on napkins using edible plants we now consider to be weeds. Cyanotype is one of the first photographic processes, it uses UV or sunlight to bring ‘an image out’.

Elle’s preferred processes are print techniques (screen printing, monoprints or etching) and photography, in particular the old processes and analogue She does use digital processes where they enhance the work or as a way to create base images.

To contact Elle and learn more about her practice try
Bottle of Curiosities, 2013

Erika Walters
Erika was a valuable member of Left-field from it being established in 2013 up until 2015. We wish Erika well with her future work.
Please check out some of the great blogs we had from Erika...
Erika's Move and Jungle Upscale