caroline griffin

Tulip, Ring, Silver, 2014. Image C Griffin

Caroline's work uses play to discover and understand the psychology of play. Through play she examines processes in relationship to outcomes through object making and installation. Self determined rules are established and currently she is working on two series of rings for the fingers made from sheet metal. This is her game currently.

Flowering, Ring, Silver, 2014. Image C Griffin

Caroline thinks of her work as 'playing with a line, the cut line, a shape morphing into an object. It's a simple way of drawing, unforeseen, a line creating surprise like a pop up greeting card'. Sometimes she sees her rings as game pieces offering symbols with historical reference or simply as ambiguous.

For Caroline drawing is a fundamental way of exploring life and the world; a visual metaphor bringing with it all its variations and commentary on culture. It also is an activity without pressure and preciousness. She states 'it is where my mistakes can become valued deviants and rules altered at whim can offer new solutions, although with these variations I like to par my processes back to their essence enabling insight into who we are and where we are going'.
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