Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Printmaking with Toni Mosley at the Auckland Botanic Gardens

Jan 14-15 2016

Here are some photos from Toni's adult Screen Printing Workshop at Auckland Botanical Gardens that coincides with their Sculpture in the Gardens. The theme for the printmaking was 'Building your own garden'........................... A very busy time was had and the 2 workshops were booked out!

The recent printing workshop at Auckland Botanical Gardens was both informative and enjoyable.
Artist Toni Mosley demonstrated not only her vast knowledge of printing but also her talent as a teacher.
The workshop was based around a botanical theme. All of the materials and screens were supplied.
We covered many processes like how to screen the ink onto paper, layering up of images on one page, registering an image to print, types of paper...

The workshop gave me an insight into how complex and subtle the screen printing process can be.
Toni can have up to 15 layers of print on one of her art pieces.

The day long work shop left me happy with what I had achieved but also wanting to find out more about printing.

Jo Raill