Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Check it out and checked out….

Fingers Annual Group Show on until 11th November at Fingers Jewellery, 2 Kitchener St, Auckland Central

Toni, Sarah, Lucy and I visited the Annual Fingers Annual Group Show opening on Sunday and it was a humming with lots of interesting work to view in the wall cabinets and lots of mixing and mingling. No pictures sorry as we only dropped in for 20 minutes on our way to shut up and draw which is another story.

Well worth looking at and well organised fingers!

The list below is the participating artists including Sarah. Either visit the work at  or click on the links below to view the online catalogue

LisaWalker, Peter Deckers, Mathew McIntyre-Wilson
 Penelope Barnhill, Barry Clarke, Ann Culy, Rainer Beneke
Alan Preston, Debbie Adamson, Shelley Norton, Sarah Walker-Holt
Joanna Campbell, Tania Patterson, Tatjana Panyoczki, Sandra Bushby
 Pauline Bern, Mary Curtis, Kath Inglis, Paddy Woodman, Brian Adam
Manon van Kouswijk, Nadene Carr, Renee Bevan, Sharon Fitness
Vicki Mason, Elfi Spiewack, Jessica Winchcombe, Lynn Kelly
 Jane Dodd, Marie Erl, Lisa Higgins, Mia Straka, Rachel Bell
 Moniek Schrijer, Vanessa Arthur, Mandy Flood, Ruth Baird
 Chris Charteris, Ben Beattie, Craig McIntosh, John Edgar
Ross Malcolm, Lauren Simeoni, Melinda Young

by Caroline Griffin 23/10/13