Thursday, October 24, 2013

shutup and draw

From left; Lucy Pierpoint, Anna Scott, Sarah Walker-Holt, Petita Cole and Caroline Griffin. Photo: T Mosley

Last Sunday brought another outing for some of the Left-field group when they went to Shutup and Draw a drawing workshop hosted by Petita Cole, the sister of outsider artist Susan King.

Photo: S Walker-Holt

Drawing by Lucy Pierpoint.
Photo S Walker-Holt
Drawing by Caroline Griffin.
Photo S Walker-Holt
Petita is a teacher and artist and showed us some of her own fascinating works that varied from painting to small sculpture. Like many artists she is a collector, this was obvious by the vintage collection of objects we could see gathered in her lounge where the workshop was held. I also have to mention she is an awesome cook as she generously offered us her homemade Neenish tarts, they were delicious, Lucy luckily managing to get two to make up for missing lunch.
Petita discussing Toni's drawing with her. Photo: S Walker-Holt

I had high hopes of us all meeting Susan at Shutup and Draw but unfortunately she couldn’t be there, even so the group had a great afternoon. Petita inspired us with her enthusiasm to just get on with it and draw from the surrounding curiosity of objects, some of which she is generously lent by a local antique dealer, while also showing us examples of Susan’s drawings.
Lucy Pierpoint. Photo: Toni Mosley
Personally I found the afternoon enlightening as it encouraged me to consider drawing in my own practice. I realised a way forward is to treat drawing like I do the jewellery objects I create but instead of physically dissecting objects and reconfiguring them, do it 2 dimensionally, not in a working drawing sense but one that is more surreal and not intended to be realized in a 3 dimensional form. Susan’s drawings are quite animated and automatic like that of the surrealists. Petita told us that Susan draws purely from her memory. 

Caroline drawing. Photo: S Walker-Holt

I first became interested in Susan King 6 months ago when I saw the documentary about her called Pictures of Susan, leaving me with tears rolling down my cheeks. I immediately Googled her and became friends on Facebook which is where I discovered Petita offering her home as a venue for the Susan inspired drawing workshop.

Pictures of Susan is a biographical documentary that takes us through her life, her drawings and the plight to get Susan’s drawings seen both nationally and internationally.