Friday, November 29, 2013

Collective Production Workshop

Thanks to all of Left-Field, family and friends; Ani Hirini, Bella Smith, Mark Mockridge, Janice Mockridge and her international student Blinda, and also Erikas friends, Nadia, Christine, Julie and Nelliette that helped out over last week constructing pieces for me for the upcoming presentation of mine and Toni's work.

Erika Wolters (Center) with friends Christine and Nelliette

For Erika's friends this was bit of a challenge and not what they expected, but they all did a great job. Julie and Nadia attached the cords and I was really impressed with both Christine and Nelliette not being afraid to 'give it a go' with the jewellery saw, drill and riveting.
Toni mosley and Matt Deyo hard at work for me gluing and filing

Now that Anna has donated an old BBQ - Matt, Bella, Caroline and I had an awesome BBQ after all the hard work on Saturday and hopefully we get a lot more use out of it over the summer months. Also a special thanks to Lucy as I would of been at a loss without her jewellery bench.

This was a great experiment for future workshops at Left-Field with lots of enthusiasm and positive feedback. 

Thanks again to everyone - great job
Sarah Walker-Holt 2013