Friday, November 29, 2013

Left-Field presents: Toni Mosley and Sarah Walker-Holt

Toni will be exhibiting retrospectively her elaborate, whimsically handmade and printed books while at Left-Field over the next 3 weekends that she has created over a number of years. Toni is wanting to engage and examine the audience as they interact and contemplatively view them. Toni's books will make a very interesting presentation as they will hang from the ceiling and concertina out around the room.

Sarah will be presenting her project Collective Production which reflects her recent efforts to produce, with the help of Left-Field and friends, a small mass production of pieces that will be for sale. Sale-ability is not normally something that is high on Sarah's agenda as an artist, but this body of work has been created in an effort to fund her trip to Schmuck and Wunderruma in Munich next year.

Wunderruma is a show being curated by Karl Fritsch and Warwick Freeman that will present a survey of jewellery making in NZ.  Sarah decided that this would be a good time to experience, learn and expand from this prominently exciting event seeing that she will have some work in the Wunderruma show. So she hopes you can all find a little time over the coming weeks to support her, visit Left-Field and buy one or two pieces as they are very affordable, ranging from $30 - $70. 

If you would like to support and can’t make it to Left-Field or would like to visit outside of our open hours please don’t hesitate to call/text her and make other arrangements on 021 1040716 or email
Your support will be gratefully accepted.

Left-Field 2013