Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sarah Walker-Holt reflects - her show with Occupation:Artist in Wellington

 I was recently invited to present some work with Wellington’s Occupation: Artist where they presented a combination of my You’d and Prolong Button-Hole Brooches in their window space, along with some of my images, created with the help of Left-Field, that demonstrate wearers responses.

 Previously, I have been drawn to the creative atmosphere of Wellington, especially the fantastic community of jewelers that practice there, so I was thrilled by the invitation and although disappointed that I couldn't be there myself I was thankful for jeweler Nadine Smiths gracious install of my work. The Occupation: Artists have had a working studio and exhibition space through the Urban Dream Brokerage since about April and have been located in the Grand Arcade, Willis Street. While there, they have used its large window to their advantage, intriguing the regular passers-by, Nadine stating that they have had quite a different audience from usual gallery spaces due to its location. This is exciting as one of the challenging objects of presenting contemporary jewellery is exposing it to those that aren’t aware of it. Nadine was thrilled to tell me my work was well received and that a number of the people who have seen their shows were sad they were leaving because it enlivened the arcade.

 Letting Space’s Urban Dream Brokerage, who has made this all possible, is an agency that temporarily unites innovative art projects with vacant property spaces and is curated by Mark Amery and Sophie Jerram. UDB’s project 6 is Occupation: Artist and time is up for them in the Grand Arcade but they are currently excited about relocating. Nadine recently told me, “We have found another space but not with window frontage so we may have to work a little harder to lure people in. It has natural light and will be a great work space”. I am interested to see how the next space changes their emphasis and definitely looking forward to seeing what they do.

Occupation: Artists
Sarah Read, Vivien Atkinson, Nadine Smith and Kelly McDonald

Images courtesy of Nadine Smith